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Definition: 1. a rebellious individual who rejects conventions or laws of a group; 2. a deserter who abandons one faith, cause, or allegiance to another

Synonyms: rebel, traitor, abandoner, betrayer, defector, insurgent

Antonyms: loyalist, adherent, follower

Tips: The origin of renegade is the Latin renegare, "to deny." Think of a person who denies his or her loyalties and allegiances. A person who has changed loyalties from one cause to another would be labeled a renegade. Renegade brings to mind a somewhat admired outlaw who might be an anti-hero character in a movie. Although a renegade is a person, this word can also be used as a verb, meaning "to break with traditional customs," or as an adjective, to describe someone who has deserted or denied his cause or loyalty. In business, a renegade is someone who does things his or her own way and doesn't follow "the rules."

Usage Examples:

The CEO was known as a renegade who acted without consulting the company's board of directors. (rebel)

Robin Hood was a renegade against the established monarchy and considered, by many, to be an outlaw. (rebel, insurgent)

The renegades kidnapped the leader's daughter and threatened to hold her hostage until he agreed to resign his position. (rebels, insurgents)

The renegade filmmaker preferred to make art-house movies that made a political or social statement, rather than the big-budget films his studio contract required of him. (rebel) adjective

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