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Definition: 1. to cause to become; 2. to pass down a decision; 3. to submit something for approval or consideration; 4. to give back; 5. to give or supply; 6. to bestow; 7. to translate (from one language to another); 8. to portray something artistically; 9. to surrender something; 10. to melt (fat)

Synonyms: make, cause, pronouce, deliver, proclaim, provide, give, supply, submit, offer, represent, restore, pay, proffer, translate, depict, portray, impart, interpret, melt

Antonyms: get, garner, hoard, take

Tips: Render comes from the Latin word reddere, "to give back." When something is rendered, it is given or passed down, and in a more broad sense of this, to render is "to cause" or "create." You may hear render used in law, as in, "the jury rendered (passed down) the verdict." Or you may hear render used as a more sophisticated way of saying "to cause." For example, "The virus rendered (caused) my computer useless." A rendering, in an artistic sense, is a representation of something else.

Usage Examples:

The virus rendered my computer useless until I reinstalled my operating system and anti-virus software. (made, caused [it] to become)

The jury rendered their verdict in the case much more quickly than had been expected. (pronounced, delivered)

The artist rendered a sketch of her concept before starting to paint. (created, depicted)

She renders time to help others and give back to the community. (gives, offers)

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