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Definition: 1. a rebirth or revival of an activity or interest, especially art, literature, or music; 2. the humanistic cultural revival in Europe, dating from the fourteenth to the seventeenth century, of classical culture and art

Synonyms: rebirth, revival, reawakening, renewal, rejuvenation, restoration

Antonyms: death, regression

Tips: Renaissance comes from the French word for rebirth. A new growth or interest in something can be considered a renaissance, especially where culture and art are concerned. The Renaissance in Europe was a period of time that served as a bridge between medieval and modern times. Renaissance can also be spelled "renascence," although this spelling is not as common. Renaissance can also be used as an adjective, to describe a person with a variety of cultural interests or vocations.

Usage Examples:

The failing nightclub experienced a renaissance after the new owners hired several popular DJ's. (rebirth, revival)

The cultural arts center in the rural town was designed to provide the impetus for a renaissance of the arts. (renewal, rejuvenation)

After making changes to the menu and décor, the restaurant experienced a renaissance and once again became a popular lunch spot. (rebirth, revival)

The "Harry Potter" book series created a renaissance of interest in children's books. (rebirth, reawakening)

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