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Definition: having a bearing on, or pertinent with, the present subject

Synonyms: germane, pertinent, material, applicable, significant, apposite

Antonyms: irrelevant, unsuitable, unrelated, immaterial

Tips: The word relevant is often heard in meetings or legal discussions. In the world of streamlined business, if a topic is not relevant, it is usually frowned upon in meetings. Relevant is a broad word that refers to anything that is related to or has bearing on a subject, discussion, meeting etc. Other words that are more descriptive include germane, pertinent, and apposite. Germane is used to describe subjects that are closely related. Think of the same family. Pertinent refers to things that are immediately relevant--right here, right now. Apposite refers to things that are particularly appropriate to a situation or occasion.

Usage Examples:

Her comments during the meeting were relevant and well received. (germane, pertinent)

Your thoughts on this issue are irrelevant, so you might as well save your breath because we're proceeding as planned. (immaterial, insignificant)

The discussion was relevant to the lecture, so the professor indulged the students by allowing them to speak freely. (germane, applicable)

The evidence presented was hardly relevant to the case and didn't make an impact on the jury. (material, pertinent)

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