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adjective, noun

Definition: (adj.) thoughtless or rushed action without consideration of consequences; (n.) a series of occurrences, usually unexpected and unpleasant

Synonyms: (adj.) thoughtless, hasty, impetuous, reckless, ill-considered, imprudent, careless, brash, impulsive, (n.) outbreak

Antonyms: (adj.) cautious, thoughtful, responsible

Tips: The adjective rash is derived from the Middle English rasch, "active, unrestrained." Although its prior history is uncertain, it may be from the Old English -raesc, "lightning" or from the Middle Dutch or Middle Low German rasch, "fast." Either way, speed and impulsiveness are inherent in its history and meaning. If something is done in a rash manner, it usually implies haste, recklessness, and speed. Rash is related to impulsive and impetuous. See impetuous for additional analysis. As a noun, rash means "outbreak." Think of a skin irritation, which is a literal outbreak, and is also referred to as a rash.

Usage Examples:

I regretted taking such rash action once I came to my senses. (thoughtless, hasty, imprudent) adjective

Even though we thought his decision to quit his job was rather rash, we still felt sorry for him when he had trouble finding another position. (ill-considered, imprudent) adjective

Although his decision seemed rash at first, it proved to be a good one for the company’s future. (reckless, impetuous) adjective

The recent rash of burglaries in the neighborhood left the community feeling vulnerable. (outbreak) noun

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