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Definition: 1. to make something more refined or pure; 2. to be less dense or solid

Synonyms: purify, clarify, clean, refine, distill, diminish, reduce, weaken, thin

Antonyms: sully, defile, mix, strengthen, enhance, grow

Tips: To rarefy something means "to purify" or "to cause it to be less dense." This word is sometimes used in cooking when talking about thinning down a sauce or soup. When something is described as rarefied, it is purified or thinned.

Usage Examples:

The chemist looked at ways to rarefy the liquid. (distill, purify)

The instrument will compress and rarefy air so that sound is produced. (refine, reduce)

It was hard to breathe the cold, rarefied air in the mountains. (clean, thinned) adjective

This sauce is delicious, but it's still a bit too thick for the recipe, so why don't you rarefy it. (thin, refine, reduce)

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