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Definition: 1. greedy and using force to take things; 2. needing and consuming large quantities of food; 3. existing by catching and devouring live prey

Synonyms: greedy, ravenous, voracious, demanding, carnivorous, predatory

Antonyms: giving, sharing, vegetarian

Tips: Like the related word rape, rapacious comes from the Latin word rapere, which means "to seize." A bird of prey, one who hunts and eats small animals, is called a raptor. Rapacious describes someone or something that seizes what it wants in a greedy, forceful way, like a raptor.

Usage Examples:

During the riots, rapacious looters stole merchandise from the stores. (greedy, voracious)

The rapacious tiger bit down on its trainer's arm. (predatory)

The children weren't taught good table manners, so they ate in a rapacious way. (grabby, greedy, voracious)

He had a rapacious appetite and usually ate most of the food in my refrigerator whenever he came to visit. (ravenous, demanding)

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