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Definition: 1. a consequence of an action, usually unintended, which complicates a situation; 2. the act of branching out or dividing into branches; 3. a division or branch

Synonyms: consequence, implication, divergence, split, branch, division


Tips: A ramification is something that complicates a situation. It is generally a consequence of an action, but it is usually an unintended and negative one. Thus, the word ramification is more specific than consequence. Ramification also refers to "branching out" or the act of dividing into branches, as on a tree. Think of how an action or event can "branch out" or "spread out" to cause further consequences.

Usage Examples:

The accountants are trying to understand the ramifications of the new tax laws. (implications)

Tough laws against crime are designed to make people fear the potential ramifications of criminal acts. (consequences)

He weighed heavy on his decision because of the potential ramifications of each choice. (consequences, implications)

Remember that your actions may have bad ramifications. (unforeseen consequences)

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