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noun, verb

Definition: (n.) 1. a horizontal rod, generally used to enclose something; 2. shortened form of railway; (v.). to complain by being harsh and angry (usually followed by "at" or "against")

Synonyms: (n.) banister, pole, rod, train, (v.) criticize, attack, denounce, comdemn, lash [out]

Antonyms: (v.) compliment, praise

Tips: The noun rail refers to the bars that form railroad tracks. Railroad tracks are comprised of two rails. To remember the verb meaning of rail, "to complain" or "harshly criticize," think of the word wail, which rhymes with rail. If a child wails complaints, the child is railing.

Usage Examples:

She was already in a bad mood, so when the waiter brought the wrong order, she railed at him in fury. (lashed out) verb

Her car wouldn't start, so she took the rail over to New York. (train) noun

The actor was known for railing against the paparazzi. (attacking, denouncing) verb

I went straight to my boss and railed at him for taking credit for my work during the client meeting. (lashed out, attacked, criticized) verb

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