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verb, noun

Definition: (v.) 1. to quarrel over something trivial; 2. to evade the truth by bringing up irrelevant points about an issue; (n.). a petty argument or irrelevant point

Synonyms: (v.) avoid, trifle, argue, dispute, nit-pick, evade, waffle, squabble, (n.) complaint

Antonyms: (v.) agree, harmonize

Tips: For quibble, think of the related words squabble "petty argument" and quarrel "heated dispute." Quibble is similar; it is quarreling or arguing in a petty way by nitpicking over irrelevant or trivial points. Use quibble to belittle someone's attempt to start a trivial or petty argument: "Stop your quibbling; this is a silly and inane argument." Use quibble to also accuse someone of trying to change the subject by starting a trivial argument or diversion: "Now you are quibbling about the mistakes I made yesterday, when it is your mistakes today that got us into this mess." See the adjective captious, which is synonymous with the adjective quibbling.

Usage Examples:

Let's try not to quibble over something so minor. (squabble, nit-pick) verb

The debate turned into a quibble after the politicians started arguing over irrelevant and trivial points. (squabble) noun

The tennis player quibbled about whether her serve was "in" or "out," in order to make the umpire think twice about calling her future shots "out." (argued, trifled) verb

I hate when people start to quibble with me over trivial things that don't even pertain to the original discussion. (argue, squabble) verb

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