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Definition: 1. complaining or whining in tone; 2. inclined to complain or whine

Synonyms: petulant, grouchy, critical, irritable, whiny, peevish, grumbly

Antonyms: cheerful, happy, good-natured

Tips: Querulous is derived from the Latin querulus, which means "full of complaints." A querulous person is constantly complaining and finding faults with things. It may be helpful to think of the phonetically similar word quarrel, which means "fight." A querulous person could easily start a lot of quarrels.

Usage Examples:

The querulous woman drove her boyfriend crazy with her constant nagging. (whiny, critical)

The garden party was praised by even the most querulous of her friends. (critical)

When the little boy wanted to leave the mall and go home, he became querulous. (petulant, whiny)

Being around querulous people puts me in a bad mood. (grouchy, irritable, whiny)

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