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Definition: uncertainty over a decision

Synonyms: dilemma, uncertainty, perplexity, predicament, complication

Antonyms: certainty

Tips: Quandary is a good word to use when faced with a dilemma that has no easy solution. Quandary is similar to predicament and dilemma, with slightly different applications. Predicament is best used to denote an unpleasant situation that is difficult to get out of. Dilemma is best used to denote a situation where you have to make a difficult decision between two alternatives. Quandary is best used to describe a state of not being able to make a decision. For more, see conundrum.

Usage Examples:

The CEO found himself in a quandary: the company was losing money, but he couldn’t break the union contract and lay off workers. (dilemma, predicament)

The manager had a human resource quandary: she was forced to two choose between two candidates who were both equally qualified for the position. (dilemma, uncertainty)

I've had two great offers, and I'm still in a quandary over which one to accept. (uncertainty, perplexity)

I have a major quandary: I am dating two great girls and both want to have an exclusive relationship with me. (perplexity, problem)

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