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Definition: someone who is especially knowledgeable about a subject and is often asked to give opinions about it

Synonyms: authority, expert, intellectual, commentator, specialist

Antonyms: novice

Tips: Pundit is derived from the the Hindu word payndit, which means "a learned man, master." A pundit is a learned person who is a master in a particular subject. One often hears of "political pundits" who provide commentary on current political news in the media. Vocabulary Learning Tip: the next time you watch a pundit speak, listen to the words he or she uses. You will most likely hear a number of Power Vocabulary Builder words used, which will give you new examples for applying the words yourself.

Usage Examples:

The professor also served as a political pundit for the local news. (expert, commentator)

On the news program, two pundits debated about the economy. (experts, authorities)

He is famous for being an author, politician, and pundit. (advisor, intellectual)

Listening to supposed pundits expound on the state of the economy, one often hears very differing points of view. (experts, specialists)

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