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Definition: the quality of being near or close together

Synonyms: nearness, closeness, vicinity, adjacency, togetherness, juxtaposition, propinquity, immediacy

Antonyms: distance, farness, remoteness

Tips: Proximity is derived from the Latin proximus, which means "nearest." Think, nearness. Proximity is used when describing how near things are to each other and is most often used when referring to distance or time. You may have heard the phrase "close proximity," but this is redundant as proximity means closeness, so it's enough to simply say "proximity."

Usage Examples:

My house is in proximity to the store and the library. (nearness, vicinity)

The proximity of the men's homes helped them to remain friends over the years. (closeness, nearness)

They wanted a hotel with proximity to the amusement park. (nearness, closeness)

The proximity of our cubicles makes it difficult for me to have a private conversation at the office. (closeness, adjacency)

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