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Definition: an introduction

Synonyms: introduction, preface, preamble

Antonyms: epilogue, finale, ending, closing

Tips: Prologue is derived from the Greek word prologos, "the person who speaks at the beginning of a play and introduces the story and characters." Prologue is synonymous with preface. A prologue usually provides context for a play or a story, so the audience has some context before the play or story begins. A preface is often an introduction in literature, which provides the reader with a better understanding of what inspired or motivated the author to write the book. Prologue is used more in plays and a preface is used more in literature. A prologue can also be a series of events that lead up to a major event. An epilogue is the ending of a play or book, which explains what happened to the characters in the story and how the story ended.

Usage Examples:

All of the Star Wars movies begin with a prologue that explains the context of the plot. (introduction)

The play began with a brief prologue that explained the context of the story. (introduction)

A series of state's rights disagreements between the North and South was the prologue to the American Civil War. (series of events, preface)

Before the play began, a man came on stage and gave a brief prologue that introduced the audience to the characters and provided some background for the story. (introduction, preface)

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