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Definition: 1. moving forward or advancing; 2. favoring and promoting progress; 3. happening gradually

Synonyms: advancing, forward, gradual, revolutionary, modern, broad-minded, liberal

Antonyms: reactionary

Tips: Progressive comes from the word progress, meaning "a forward or onward movement." Progressive describes anything that's in the process of advancement, improvement, or growth. Someone who is a progressive thinker takes advantage of new opportunities or new ways of doing things. Progressive can also be used as a noun to denote someone who supports and favors political and/or social reform or progress.

Usage Examples:

The progressive increase in sales we have experienced over the last year can be directly attributed to our new marketing campaign. (gradual, advancing)

I enrolled my child in a private school due to its more progressive attitude toward education. (modern, liberal, revolutionary)

My energy level has progressively declined with age. (gradually) adverb

He is a progressive thinker and has been instrumental in guiding our company into the twenty-first century. (modern, forward)

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