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Definition: 1. deep in intellect or insight; 2. intense; 3. from or extending to a depth; 4. complete or pervasive

Synonyms: deep, intense, penetrating, poignant, thorough, complete, pervasive, insightful

Antonyms: superficial

Tips: Profound is from the Middle English profond, meaning "deep." Think, depth and the bottom of something deep. Use the word profound to describe anything that goes deep below the surface--his profound faith in God, profound devotion to his wife, etc. Profound is a more sophisticated way of saying "deep" both literally and figuratively. (e.g. Wow that was deep thought, you are quite profound). The related word profundity usually refers to intellectual or physical depth.

Usage Examples:

Einstein is known for his profound understanding of the complexities of relativity. (insightful, deep)

The tragic accident caused profound sadness throughout the community. (deep, intense)

He had profound respect for his predecessor and hoped he could adequately fill his shoes. (deep)

The speaker made several profound statements that made the audience really think. (insightful, deep)

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