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adjective, noun

Definition: (adj.) 1. extremely reckless and wasteful; 2. immoral; (n.) someone with low morals or who is reckless and wasteful

Synonyms: (adj.) immoral, corrupt, wanton, wild, reckless, shameless, prodigal, (n.) degenerate, spender, spendthrift

Antonyms: (adj.) moral, virtuous, restrained, frugal

Tips: Profligate is derived from the Latin profligare, which means "defeat, ruin." Profligate's modern meaning has derived from the notion that a person is defeated by excessive vices. For a memory trick, think how "gate" is now added to words to denote scandal (originating from the Nixon Watergate scandal). Profligate describes scandalous behavior or refers to a reckless, wasteful person.

Usage Examples:

The man loved his wife but hated her profligate spending habits. (reckless, wasteful) adjective

His business partner was a profligate waster who spent all the company's profits. (shameless, wanton) adjective

The virtuous man turned into a profligate after he won the lottery. (spender, spendthrift) noun

His profligate activities eventually landed him in jail. (corrupt, immoral, reckless) adjective

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