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Definition: to delay doing something that should be done

Synonyms: delay, postpone, stall, dawdle, put off, prolong

Antonyms: hurry, rush, speed

Tips: Procrastinate is derived from the Latin pro, "forward" and crastinus, "belonging to tomorrow." Procrastinate literally means "to push something forward until tomorrow." Procrastination is the act of procrastinating.

Usage Examples:

The professor warned her students not to procrastinate on the assignment because it could not be done in one day. (dawdle, delay)

She procrastinated all afternoon until it was too late to start painting the walls that day. (dawdled, stalled)

He didn't finish the project because of procrastination; he simply waited too long to get started. (postponement, delay) noun

Some people have the terrible habit of procrastinating on everything, and as a result, their lives are usually disorganized and they hardly ever finish anything on time. (putting off, delaying, dawdling)

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