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Definition: a natural inclination or tendency to behave in a certain way, often objectionable or immoral

Synonyms: inclination, predisposition, propensity, tendency, penchant, affinity, weakness

Antonyms: distaste

Tips: Proclivity is derived from the Latin pro, "forward" and clivus, "a slope." It has the underlying meaning of "leaning toward" something. Think also of the related word prone, as it means "having a natural tendency." Proclivity means you are prone to doing or behaving in a certain way, as if leaning toward it. It differs from the word propensity in that proclivity is more of a natural or innate tendency and propensity is a general tendency. Proclivity can also be a more negative tendency and is similar to penchant, which is a synonym that denotes both positive and negative tendencies,

Usage Examples:

He will not succeed unless he can overcome his proclivity for laziness. (tendency)

His proclivity for lying borders on pathological. (penchant)

He had a proclivity for collecting rare stamps. (weakness, affinity)

Her proclivity for taking care of others before tending to her own needs is nice, but can sometimes become annoying. (propensity, penchant)

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