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Definition: 1. difficult or involving problems; 2. open to doubt or debate

Synonyms: difficult, questionable, doubtful, uncertain, tricky

Antonyms: easy, certain, unquestionable

Tips: Problematic is an adjective related to the word problem. Something problematic is full of problems or difficulties. When you have a problem, you have a problematic situation on your hands. Problematic is a good word to use in place of difficult or tricky: "Social interaction is problematic (difficult) for many introverted people." "The situation has become problematic (tricky)."

Usage Examples:

I don't think the situation is as problematic as you're making it out to be. (difficult, tricky)

Accepting this job offer may prove problematic because I'll have to move to a new city. (difficult)

Convincing all our friends to leave this party and go to another party could be problematic, as some of our friends are having fun here. (difficult, tricky)

He has always been a problematic child, and I'm starting to wonder whether hyperactivity disorder is to blame. (difficult)

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