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verb, noun

Definition: (v.) to predict that something will happen, especially something unpleasant; (n.) 1. a warning or sign of a future event; 2. a bad or uneasy feeling of something to come; 3. the significance of future events

Synonyms: (v.) foreshadow, foretell, predict, portend, signify, indicate, (n.) indication, prediction, forecast, omen, sign, intuition


Tips: Presage is derived from the Latin praesagus, "having a foreboding." Presage can refer to a feeling, like an intuition, that something is about to happen (especially something bad), or it can be as simple as clouds presaging (forecasting) rain. Think of the word sage, which means "a person who is renowned for his or her profound wisdom," and pre, "before," and you have a better understanding of why a presage is an indication of future events.

Usage Examples:

Everyone wondered if the October snow was a presage to an especially hard winter. (sign, indication) noun

A sluggish stock market usually presages a slump in the economy. (forecasts, portends) verb

Other than some shortness of breath, he didn't have any of the signs that usually presage a heart attack. (signify, indicate) verb

On my day off from work, I didn't want to believe that the dark clouds were a presage to a rainy day; I believed that the sun would come out in the end. (indication, sign) noun

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