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Definition: a preference for something

Synonyms: preference, affinity, propensity, penchant, inclination, fondness, liking, preference, partiality, tendency, bias

Antonyms: indifference, ambivalence, dislike

Tips: Predilection comes from pre, "before" and diligere, "choose, love." Therefore, predilection means "first choice or first love." It is a more sophisticated way of denoting preference. Predilection is synonymous with penchant. Predilection is more often used to describe a preference or an affinity for something: "She has a predilection for chocolate." A penchant is more of a habit that others may not like: "A penchant for drama and overreacting."

Usage Examples:

We went to the Chinese restaurant across town because he had a predilection for their egg rolls. (fondness, preference)

Her predilection for buying designer shoes is quickly becoming expensive. (penchant, propensity)

He had a strong predilection for the less-qualified candidate, and I couldn't understand why he liked him so much. (favoritism, bias)

My husband's predilection for pizza supersedes his taste for all other foods. (taste, fondness, preference)

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