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Definition: to prevent something from happening, especially by action

Synonyms: inhibit, cease, discontinue, restrain, impede, interrupt, prevent, prohibit, ban

Antonyms: allow, permit

Tips: Preclude is probably best remembered by breaking it into parts. Pre means "before," and clude means "shut off." Therefore, preclude means shutting something off (stopping it) before it happens. The word include has the negative prefix in- followed by the root clude, "shut off," so include is a double negative, meaning to "not shut out," or "to bring in." Preclude is often used as a more sophisticated way of saying "prevent" or "prohibit."

Usage Examples:

Her warning will not preclude him from making the trip. (prevent)

At the meeting, the executives discussed ways to preclude unnecessary lawsuits. (prevent)

The jury memebers were precluded from discussing the case with family members. (restrained, impeded)

My contract precludes me from going to work for a competing company if I quit my job. (prevents, prohibits)

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