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Definition: 1. very steep; 2. done in haste and without much thought

Synonyms: abrupt, sharp, steep, hasty

Antonyms: slow, gradual

Tips: You have probably heard the phrase "a precipitous drop," in reference to sales, the economy, income, etc. This essentially means that the drop is steep, swift, and great. The related verb precipitate means "to hasten or accelerate," or "to fall down or plunge," and usually refers to making something happen quickly, suddenly, or sooner than expected. For example: "A precipitous (steep) drop in the company's stock will most likely precipitate (accelerate) the company's downfall." Precipitous can also be used to describe something done in haste.

Usage Examples:

Cutbacks in several industries, coupled with the precipitous drop in consumer confidence, did not bode well for the economy. (sharp, abrupt)

The company precipitated into bankruptcy shortly after the accounting discrepancies were discovered. (plunged, fell) verb

We shouldn't be precipitous with our decision; we should think it through carefully before giving them our final answer. (hasty, too quick)

The precipitous drop in our company's sales has forced us to lay off several employees. (steep, sharp)

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