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Definition: to speak about something in as if you are the authoritative expert on the subject

Synonyms: expound, expatiate, preach

Antonyms: ask, deliberate

Tips: Pontificate is derived from the same Latin word that gives us pontiff, or "pope." When people pontificate on a subject, they act like they have most expert and authoritative opinion on that subject.

Usage Examples:

If you don't have kids, then you really shouldn't pontificate about the best way to raise a child. (preach, expound)

I get tired of listening to different economists pontificate about the future of our economy, especially since they always contradict one another and nobody ever seems to get it right. (discuss, expound, expatiate)

It's funny to watch the political pundits pontificate as if they are smartest people on the planet. (speak in a pompous manner)

I have a feeling he's going to get up and pontificate about the subject as if he's the foremost authority. (speak as an expert)

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