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Definition: 1. being overly self-important; 2. displaying vanity and self-importance through exaggerated seriousness or stateliness

Synonyms: arrogant, self-important, pretentious, grandiose, conceited, bombastic, egocentric, ostentatious, affected

Antonyms: humble, modest, unassuming, unaffected

Tips: If a person is pompous, he or she is both pretentious and ostentatious. Pompous is a very critical word. A person who is pompous is very "puffed up" with self-importance. The related noun pomposity refers to this kind of self-importance or to pompous behavior. For a memory trick, note the prefix pom- in pompous. Now, imagine someone with pom-pom's (fluffy cheering device) who created a cheer for himself and cheers, "I'm the greatest," "I'm the richest," "I'm the smartest," while waving his pom-pom's in the air. That would be pompous!

Usage Examples:

He's rather pompous and opinionated, but he's not as intelligent as he thinks he is. (arrogant, self-important)

He can seem pompous at first, but once you get to know him, you'll find that he's actually quite humble. (conceited, arrogant)

Her pomposity when describing her new job was ridiculous, and we all had to laugh and roll our eyes. (arrogance, affectation, self-importance) noun

I try not to mention that I own my own island in the Caribbean when I first meet someone, because I don't want to seem pompous. (pretentious, grandiose, bombastic)

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