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Definition: an obvious, banal, pointless, or empty comment or remark made as though it was significant or helpful

Synonyms: triviality, cliché, buzzword, motto, saying, proverb, adage, banality

Antonyms: originality

Tips: Think of the word flat (which rhymes with plat), as it can mean "bland, lacking variety." A platitude can be a proverb or adage, but it can also be any comment that's pointless and unnecessary. Use platitude to describe any cliché, old adage, or statement that was mentioned to be helpful, but added no value or was completely inappropriate.

Usage Examples:

When my grandma used the old adage "a stitch in time saves nine," we thought it was a silly platitude and had no idea what it had to do with finishing our homework. (adage, saying)

His speech was full of platitudes and never offered any true insights. (banalities, clichés)

Please stop talking in platitudes and provide us with some helpful advice. (clichés)

Her incessant platitudes made everyone in the room wonder whether she ever came up with an original thought. (clichés, adages)

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