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Definition: 1. the façade or personality that a person presents to the world; 2. the role or character portrayed by an actor

Synonyms: personality, character, guise


Tips: The word persona has the same origin as the words person and personality. The persona is what a person wants the world to see, not necessarily what is truly on the inside. When we assume a persona, we are, in many ways, acting a part.

Usage Examples:

When he heard the bad news, his whole persona changed from one of happiness and laughter, to deep sadness. (personality)

I’ll admit I have two completely different personas; one at work and another at home. (personalities, characters)

Her private, shy side is completely at odds with her outgoing, public persona. (guise, personality)

Unfortunately, with politicians, you never really know if their public persona represents their true character. (personality, guise)

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