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Definition: detected by the senses or intuition--felt or understood

Synonyms: discerned, detected, observed, noticed, noticeable, discovered, apparent, believed, felt, sensed

Antonyms: unrecognizable, hidden, unclear

Tips: Perceived is also the past tense of the verb perceive, which means "to become aware through the senses or to attain understanding of something." If something is described as perceived, it is noticeable. The related noun perception refers to observation, insight, or understanding.

Usage Examples:

There was a perceived change in the general mood of the employees as the long weekend drew near. (noticeable, observed)

The real value of the car turned out to be significantly less than what she had perceived it to be. (discerned, believed) verb

In order to land the job, he tried to create a perceived difference between himself and the other candidates. (noticeable, apparent)

His perception of the client’s reaction was quite different from mine; he thought the client was pleased with our presentation, while I felt that she wasn't happy at all. (observation, understanding) noun

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