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Definition: a strong liking for or tendency toward something, especially something that others may not look favorably on

Synonyms: inclination, affinity, tendency, predisposition

Antonyms: disinclination, dislike

Tips: Penchant is often used to refer to habits. It comes from the French word pencher, “to incline.” Think of being inclined toward something. Although penchant often refers to a habit others find annoying, penchant can simply refer to a general habit or inclination to do something, like a penchant for eating chocolate or drinking champagne. Penchant is related to the words propensity and proclivity. Propensity is often used to describe a positive inclination or ability to do something positive, while proclivity is usually used to describe a negative inclination, tendency, or habit.

Usage Examples:

His penchant for taking clients to expensive dinners is costing our company too much money. (affinity, inclination)

He has a penchant for showing up late to meetings, but I don’t think he realizes how inconsiderate that is. (tendency)

She has a penchant for drinking too much wine and acting silly at parties. (tendency, predisposition)

Stefan's penchant for speeding will eventually earn him an expensive ticket. (affinity, tendency)

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