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adjective, noun

Definition: (adj.) expressing disapproval or belittling the importance of something; (n.) a critical or disapproving word or comment

Synonyms: (adj.) debasing, disparaging, derisive, belittling, defaming, negative, rude

Antonyms: (adj.) flattering, admiring, approving

Tips: Pejorative is derived from the Latin pejor, which means "worse." Something pejorative usually means it's been taken in the worst or most negative way. A pejorative comment expresses contempt and disapproval. Pejorative is also related to the word pessimistic in origin and in meaning; "expressing disapproval or negativity." Pejorative is synonymous with disparaging. Disparaging has a verb form (disparage) while pejorative does not. "I will not be disparaged (criticized, insulted) by her pejorative (negative, insulting) comments." Use which ever word seems to be more comfortable for you.

Usage Examples:

I didn't mean for her to take my comment in a pejorative way. (negative, disparaging) adjective

The word "feminist" seems to be losing the pejorative connotation it used to have. (negative, derisive) adjective

I have learned to ignore her pejorative remarks and I no longer allow them to upset me. (belittling, disparaging) adjective

Was that a purposely pejorative comment, or was your rude remark meant to be sarcastic? (negative, rude) adjective

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