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Definition: showing a manner of superiority and being condescending

Synonyms: condescending, demeaning, denigrating, belittling

Antonyms: respectful, deferential, reverent, admiring

Tips: If you are patronizing toward someone, you are talking down to them. For example, if someone were to speak to an adult as if they were a child, that would be patronizing. The related verb patronize can either be positive or negative. In the positive sense to patronize means to be a patron or a customer to a business. In the negative sense, patronize means to talk down to someone. Patronize is synonymous with condescend. If you condescend or are condescending toward someone, you act as if you are better than them. If you patronize someone you talk down to them as if they were less intelligent than you. See condescend for additional analysis.

Usage Examples:

When he started talking to me as if I was a child, I told him to stop being patronizing.

The professor was known for being patronizing toward his students and many resented him for this. (demeaning, belittling)

The way she orders him around like a child is very patronizing. (demeaning, belittling)

He looked at me in a patronizing manner and began to explain the difference between champagne and sparkling wine. (demeaning, belittling)

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