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Definition: 1. not actively participating; 2. obeying with little or no resistance

Synonyms: unreactive, unresponsive, apathetic, disinterested, unconcerned, dormant, submissive, compliant, unassertive, patient, resigned, nonresistant

Antonyms: impassive, active, resistant

Tips: Think of the related word pass, as it means "allow to go by." The underlying meaning is that of inactivity. In grammar, the passive voice is used to indicate that the subject is the recipient of the action, not the source of it. Passive also refers to inactivity in making decisions or the decision not to be active in a fight.

Usage Examples:

She always wrote in the passive voice, using sentences like "the door was closed by the man." (inactive)

He was a passive member of the jury who never voiced his opinions or went against the group. (unassertive)

Ghandi was a strong believer in passive resistance, using nonviolence to make his point. (patient, resigned, nonresistant)

She was passive in her job search and expected the perfect opportunity to just land in her lap. (apathetic, unconcerned)

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