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noun, adjective

Definition: (n.) 1. a strong supporter of a group, person, or cause; 2. a member of an unofficial military; (adj.) 1. biased and unwilling to listen to other opinions when supporting a particular person, group, or cause; 2. devoted to a group or cause

Synonyms: (n.) defender, supporter, patron, adherent, guerrilla, (adj.) biased, prejudiced, partial

Antonyms: (adj.) non-partisan, open-minded, tolerant, unbiased

Tips: Although partisan has many definitions, it is most commonly used to describe someone with one-sided political beliefs (liberal or conservative). Think of the word party and its meaning of "political organization." A partisan person is partial to one political party. The related word partisanship also denotes a bias toward one thing over another.

Usage Examples:

The dinner was held for partisan supporters of the President. (adherent, biased) adjective

Washington DC has become too partisan and neither side is willing to work with the other. (biased, entrenched) adjective

The partisans fought against their country's government, in hopes of overtaking it. (guerillas) noun

The government set up a non-partisan committee to investigate war crimes. (unbiased, impartial) adjective

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