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noun, verb

Definition: (n.) 1. a humorous and usually satirical imitation of a literary or musical work; 2. a ridiculously poor attempt to do something serious; (v.) to imitate someone or something in a humorous and satirical way

Synonyms: (n.) mockery, spoof, caricature, mimicry, satire, lampoon, imitation, travesty, (v.) mimic, spoof, lampoon, ridicule


Tips: A parody makes fun of something that may not be humorous in its original form. Movies and public figures are often targets for parody. Parody can also be a verb, meaning "to imitate comically." A traditional Saturday Night Live episode consists of several parodies (skits that imitate and poke fun) that parody (mimic in a humorous way) politicians and celebrities. Parody is synonymous with lampoon. See lampoon for additional analysis. You can also use parody to denote something done so poorly as to be laughable.

Usage Examples:

Saturday Night Live often has actors doing parodies of themselves. (spoofs, imitations)

The movie Space Balls was a parody on Star Wars. (spoof, lampoon)

The comedianís parodies of celebrities are hilarious. (imitations)

Shakespeare's works are such classics, they are often parodied for humor. (spoofed, lampooned, imitated) verb

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