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Definition: extremely thirsty or dry

Synonyms: dry, arid, burned, dehydrated, thirsty, withered, shriveled

Antonyms: hydrated, damp, fertile

Tips: Parched is believed to be from Middle English perishen, which means "to perish." Think about being so thirsty and dry, you feel like you'll perish if you don't get a drink of water.

Usage Examples:

The car broke down in the middle of a parched and dusty desert. (arid, dry)

After her workout, she felt parched because she hadn't had enough water. (thirsty)

My throat was so parched when I woke up in the morning that I drank a tall glass of water right away. (dry, dehydrated)

We were all parched after our long hike, so we stopped at a convenience store and bought a few bottles of water. (dehydrated, thirsty)

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