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Definition: to facilitate the fulfillment of others' or another's desire, especially one of questionable appropriateness or morality

Synonyms: solicit, procure, provide, pimp, indulge, gratify, cater to

Antonyms: reject, deny

Tips: When you pander to people, you cater to their needs because you want something from them. A good example is a politician who says what the voters want to hear, to get their votes--politicians pander to voters. The verb pander is used in a negative way to denote the behavior of someone who has ulterior motives or just wants to indulge the person to whom they are pandering. A less common meaning of the verb pander is to act as a "pimp," or someone who arranges sexual relationships. The noun form of pander refers to such an individual.

Usage Examples:

Despite his better judgment, the politician pandered to the interest group's needs, so he would have their support come election time. (catered to)

The babysitter was not able to control the children because she tended to pander to their every demand. (indulge)

Jenny was pandering to his ego by complimenting his new tie, just so she could take the afternoon off. (catering)

That politician panders to so many different groups, itís impossible to tell what he stands for. (caters)

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