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Definition: 1. to criticize harshly or express a negative opinion of something; 2. to move slowly from one side to another or up and down

Synonyms: criticize, bash, berate, censure

Antonyms: praise, compliment

Tips: You will often hear the word pan to describe a negative reaction by critics. For example: "The movie was panned by all the critics and was a box office flop." As a verb, the word pan can also be used to denote making a sweeping movement, as with your arm or with a camera: "The camera panned (moved from one side to the other) the audience." The phrase "pan out" means "to develop or to end with success," as in: "Hopefully everything will pan out (end with success)" or "We'll see how things pan out (develop, end)."

Usage Examples:

Critics and audiences alike panned the movie, saying it was the worst thing they had ever seen. (criticized, bashed)

Unfortunately, his new job did not pan out, so he's looking for employment once again. (end successfully)

The director panned the audience to film their reaction. (moved across)

The sitcom was universally panned by the critics and lasted for only two episodes. (criticized, bashed)

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