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Definition: 1. to try to make something seem less serious or severe, especially by offering excuses; 2. to make something less intense or severe; 3. to relieve the painful, physical symptoms of a disorder or disease

Synonyms: extenuate, mitigate, excuse, abate, alleviate, diminish, ease, assuage

Antonyms: aggravate, worsen, exacerbate

Tips: Palliate is derived from the Late Latin palliare, which means "to cover with a cloak." Palliate means "to cover something (as with excuses) to make it seem less serious," like putting a band-aid on a huge wound. It can also refer to actually lessening the severity of something and making someone feel better. In the case of illness,, palliate does not mean that the patient is cured, but rather, made to feel better.

Usage Examples:

She works out everyday in order to palliate stress. (ease, lessen)

The medical article addressed the many ways to palliate the symptoms of the disease until a cure could be found. (alleviate)

She tried to palliate the pain she had caused her parents by sending an apology card. (abate, assuage)

My mother tried to palliate the bleeding with a band-aid, until we could get to the hospital to have the cut stitched up. (diminish, conceal, ease)

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