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Definition: 1. to be made into bone; 2. to become rigid and inflexible

Synonyms: harden, congeal, fossilize, stiffen, solidify, petrify

Antonyms: soften, liquefy

Tips: Ossify is derived from the Latin ossis, which means "bone." Ossify means "to become rigid and inflexible, like bone." When something is described as ossified, it has become hard, thick, or rigid.

Usage Examples:

In some rare medical conditions, soft tissues may ossify to immobilize the patient. (harden)

He was a creature-of-habit who never deviated from his ossified routine. (rigid) adjective

Upon hearing the bad news, his face ossified and became emotionless. (hardened, stiffened)

I beat the egg whites until they began to ossify, to create a perfect meringue for my key lime pie. (congeal, stiffen)

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