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Definition: 1. to move from side to side; 2. to be undecided and waver back and forth about a decision or opinion

Synonyms: swing, undulate, sway, change, pendulate, waver, fluctuate, teeter, vacillate, alternate

Antonyms: remain, stay, settle

Tips: Oscillate is derived from the Latin oscillare, which means "to swing." Think about swinging back and forth. Something or someone that is oscillating is moving back and forth (like a fan) or is wavering on an opinion. However, to denote wavering on a decision or opinion, the verb "to vacillate" is probably a better word choice. The noun oscillation refers to the act of moving back and forth.

Usage Examples:

Thanks to the oscillating fan, everyone stayed cool. (swaying, undulating) adjective

Her emotions oscillated between love and hate. (teetered, alternated, fluctuated)

The oscillation of his stand on the policy frustrated many constituents. (wavering, teetering, changing) noun

I won't oscillate on my decision; I'm going to stand firm. (waver, sway)

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