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Definition: 1. slow to learn or understand; 2. lacking insight; 3. blunt or rounded, not sharp

Synonyms: dim-witted, dull, dumb, ignorant, stupid, blunt

Antonyms: acute, sharp, keen, intelligent

Tips: Obtuse is derived from a Latin word that means "dull." In geometry, obtuse refers to an angle that is greater than 90 degrees, but less than 180 degrees. This is an angle that is not very sharp. Obtuse is the opposite of acute, which is derived from a Latin word meaning "sharp." Acute is often used to describe someone who is sharp, keen, and intelligent. Use obtuse as a more sophisticated way of criticizing someone who is dimwitted or has a "dull" mind. Obtuse is similar in meaning to myopic. See myopic for additional analysis.

Usage Examples:

I thought his project report was obtuse and completely lacked insight into the clientís industry. (dull, lacking insight)

The young boy was too obtuse to understand the implications of his behavior. (dumb, ignorant)

I think he knows the answer, but he's being deliberately obtuse because he doesn't want to get involved. (dim-witted, ignorant)

I tried to explain how the program functions, but unfortunately, I think he's too obtuse to ever learn how to use it. (stupid, dim-witted)

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