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Definition: 1. stubborn and unwilling to listen or compromise; 2. difficult to gain control over

Synonyms: stubborn, headstrong, resolute, inflexible, unyielding, difficult, uncontrollable, firm, intransigent, obdurate, refractory, intractable

Antonyms: obedient, changeable, flexible, tractable

Tips: Obstinate comes from the Latin obstinare, "to be resolved." People, animals, or things can be obstinate. It's basically a more sophisticated way of saying "stubborn." In medicine, diseases that are difficult to treat or medical conditions that are hard to manage are often referred to as being obstinate. Obstinate is synonymous with obdurate. Both words refer to people who are stubborn. Obstinate is, more specifically, refusing to change or consider other people's recommendations, while obdurate refers more to being stubborn and not moved by emotions. Obstinate is used more commonly and is a great word to describe someone who is stubborn.

Usage Examples:

She has a particularly obstinate case of acne; we've tried every known treatment and it just won't go away. (difficult, stubborn)

He is an obstinate teenager who won't listen to anyone. (headstrong, uncontrollable)

The creative director's obstinate refusal to listen to other's ideas has caused several people to leave the company. (stubborn, inflexible, firm)

The obstinate little dog refused to let my husband walk him; he would only follow me. (stubborn, unyielding)

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