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Definition: no longer used, usually because it has been replaced with something better

Synonyms: outdated, discarded, unfashionable, old-fashioned, archaic, extinct, unused, antiquated

Antonyms: current, modern, fresh, up-to-date

Tips: Obsolete is derived from the Latin obsoletus, which means "worn out, old." Today, obsolete describes things that are old, outdated, and no longer in use, or have been replaced by something newer and better.

Usage Examples:

The organization specializes in collecting and recycling obsolete computer equipment. (discarded, archaic, unused)

Horse-drawn wagons became obsolete once the car was invented. (extinct, unused)

Shakespeare can be hard to read because the language of his time is now largely obsolete. (old-fashioned, unused, archaic)

Although much of today’s communication and correspondence takes place online, the postal service is not quite obsolete. (extinct)

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