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Definition: 1. required; 2. demanded by morality or law

Synonyms: compulsory, required, requisite, necessary, mandatory, involuntary, imperative

Antonyms: voluntary, optional

Tips: Obligatory is related to the words oblige and obligation. When someone is obliged or obligated to do something, they must do it. Something that must be done can be described as obligatory. Listen to the pronunciation of obligatory. Do not pronounce the initial "o" like the "o" in ozone. Pronounce the "o" like the "a" in aboard.

Usage Examples:

Several people on the list are obligatory invitees because they are relatives or friends of our parents. (mandatory, necessary)

Including a cover sheet with your final paper is obligatory. (required)

If you finish all of your obligatory duties, you can do whatever you like. (mandatory, requisite)

The subpoena connoted that my attendance in court was obligatory. (mandatory, involuntary, compulsory)

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