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adjective, noun

Definition: (adj.) 1. without bias or personal opinion; 2. based on facts, not emotions; 3. able to be perceived or observed; (n.) an intended and attainable goal

Synonyms: (adj.) fair, unbiased, unprejudiced, impartial, disinterested, equitable, measurable, actual, observable, material, (n.) goal, purpose, object, aim, target

Antonyms: subjective, biased, emotional, partial, introspective

Tips: Objective is a word that has numerous applications (see usage examples). Objective is the opposite of subjective. Something described as objective is clear and definable, while subjective is not. If you are objective, you are able to make an objective decision based on clear and definable evidence. Subjective decision making involves more feelings, emotions, and opinions versus objective decision making, which is purely based on facts. An open-ended question is often referred to as subjective, where a multiple choice question, with one correct answer, is considered objective. Objective has a few specialized meanings, including "a military target," "the lens closest to an object," and "relating to the object in a grammatical construction."

Usage Examples:

The manager tried to take an objective stance when listening to his quarreling employees. (fair, impartial) adjective

Our objective is to teach students to write more effectively. (goal, aim) noun

Our conclusion is based on what we believe to be objective evidence. (fact-based, actual) adjective

I thought I made an objective argument, but George thought that my emotions were tied into it. (fair, unbiased) adjective

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