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Definition: 1. to complicate something and make it less clear; 2. to obscure something

Synonyms: obscure, complicate, confuse, muddy, muddle, cloud, bewilder

Antonyms: clarify, explain, enlighten

Tips: Obfuscate originated from the Latin fuscus, "dark." Thus, older meanings of obfuscate include "to make something darker" or "to confuse or bewilder someone." Today, obfuscate primarily refers to confusing or complicating something. The noun obfuscation denotes the act of confusing an issue, or the confusion itself. Both obfuscate and obfuscation are rather formal words, not generally used in common conversation. For a memory trick, think of obfuscate as a combination of the spellings of obscure, confuse, and complicate.

Usage Examples:

An emotional outburst can often obfuscate the main reason for an argument. (confuse, complicate)

He left out some details from his story in order to obfuscate who was really to blame for the accident. (obscure)

Please don't obfuscate the issue, which is by now quite clear. (confuse, complicate)

The attorney has been accused of deliberate obfuscation during this trial. (act of complicating or confusing the issues) noun

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