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Definition: casual and unconcerned

Synonyms: casual, blasť, indifferent, unconcerned, unflappable, apathetic

Antonyms: worried, concerned

Tips: Nonchalant comes from the French for "unconcerned." Ultimately, it is related to the Latin calere, "to be hot or riled up." When you add the negative non- "not," nonchalant means to be calm or not roused. If you do or say something nonchalantly, you do it with a casual and unconcerned air. Nonchalant is synonymous with blase. Nonchalant is used to describe someone who is indifferent, calm, and unconcerned. Blase is often be a critique of someone who is unconcerned or unimpressed in a "snobby" manner--usually because they have already experienced the activity that would normally impress others.

Usage Examples:

Surprisingly, when he was told he won the contest, he was very nonchalant, and didn't seem that excited. (unemotional, indifferent)

When she was told that she was to be laid off from her job, Jen shrugged her shoulders nonchalantly and said she didn't care. (indifferently, apathetically) adverb

Even though he was nervous when he asked her out, he tried to appear nonchalant about it. (casual, unconcerned)

My boss was so nonchalant when he offered me the promotion, I didnít think he was serious, at first. (casual, blasť)

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