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Definition: 1. being something in name only; 2. small or unimportant; 3. satisfactory or according to what was planned; 4. having to do with or being a name; 5. having to do with or being a noun

Synonyms: so-called, honorary, titular, ostensible, small, insignificant, trifling

Antonyms: important, real

Tips: Nominal originated from the Latin nomen, "name." Something that is nominal is "in name only" and thus, also takes the meaning of being insignificant. A nominal fee, for instance, is so small that it is only charged as a formality. When using nominal to describe something in name only, nominal is synonymous with titular. Titular is a more sophisticated word. Nominal can also refer to a specific type of interest or to the difference between the principle and interest in a loan.

Usage Examples:

He is really just a nominal member of the Board of Directors, and he rarely participates in meetings. (titular, in name only)

You will be asked to pay a nominal fee in order to receive your prize. (small, insignificant)

The groups are divided into nominal categories. (name-based)

He is only the nominal president of our corporation and doesn't actually serve as a decision-maker. (titular, honorary)

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